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The Officially Homeless Fruit
02 May 2020 @ 12:51 pm
These are my downloads hosted on GoS and this LJ. They are quite old... you've been warned.

Please visit the "Downloads" link above for newer creations. Thanks! (・ω<)

The following links go in order from most recent to least recent.

From Garden of Shadows...Collapse )
From This Journal...Collapse )
Sim Uploads...Collapse )

Policy...Collapse )

Any and all tutorials (some of them mainly for my own benefit) will also be posted here:

Tutorials...Collapse )

My terrible old legacy, Irisher Than Thou, is now nothing but dust (alas, The Sims 2 site is gone). However, if you'd like to read my newer legacy starring the Sparks family, its chapters can be found below:

The Sparks Legacy ChaptersCollapse )
The Officially Homeless Fruit
21 July 2012 @ 05:17 pm

My god I haven't updated in a long time! I blame my first year of college. During which I got a new laptop with an ultra squeaky clean new graphics card and things! Which leads to this:

Evidently my old laptop monitor was REALLY bright. As a result, I didn't put enough windows or outdoor lights into the legacy house. So much of the next few updates are going to be... unfortunately dark. :( Hopefully they're not horribly difficult to see, though!

With that being said, let us continue~ You may want to check out the first two updates as a refresher! :) Because there's way too much for me to list here. :P

+119 .pngs under the cutCollapse )

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The Officially Homeless Fruit
15 July 2012 @ 03:28 pm
Dear lord, where have I been? And why have I neglected you so terribly? *weeps over her LJ's nearly dead body* Speaking of, are many people still actively updating on here? I check Simsecret every week and have noticed a huge decline in submissions since when I was last really active (about a year ago?). Are you people still out there?!

Regardless, here are some updates on some stuff in my life that may or may not be interesting:
  • In the time that I've been gone, my previous status as a mere fan of Big Bang has blown into obsession with their latest comeback. So, as you can see, my mood theme is now entirely Big Bang based and I switched out almost all of my old icons for a myriad of Big Bang and 2NE1 gifs. Because gifs are fun and I have still icons on my personal blog (maggie_stranger) as well. Haven't updated that one in probably a year now either, yikes.
  • Additionally, I've just finished season 2 of BBC One's Sherlock and all I can say is: my emotions! It's a bloody brilliant show to begin with, but the very last episode just completely screwed with everything I've ever loved.
  • Started work about three weeks back, which means my schedule's all botched and all of my free time is spent catching up on the internet and parading around Tumblr not doing much of anything. Which is extremely unproductive and probably not very healthy, now that I think about it.
And the actual news of importance:
  • I've played my Sparks legacy into the third generation! Which means I really need to update it. At this point it's just ridiculous. So I'm thinking that may happen soon since I already have an update written, just haven't thrown it up here yet. So watch out for that! :D
Also I need to update my Simblr but haven't recently because of work. In due time~

But yeah. Sorry I haven't been around, you guys. I've just been... doing other stuff...


I just have this real life and things happen and yeah...
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The Officially Homeless Fruit
15 May 2012 @ 04:16 pm
My mom got me three babysitting jobs in a row without consulting me... I'm not pleased. It's great that she's trying to get me an extra buck or two, but I'm literally working on like fifteen projects right now.

1. writing an original song
2. thinking up the video concept of the prelude to that song (it's some dumb artistic thing, haha)
3. thinking up the music video premise for that song
4. thinking up the music video premise for a COVER of a song
5. writing the script for an update video
6. trying to get a collaborative birthday video for Taeyang going (have to film that too) by the 18th
7. writing the script for a random video that I probably shouldn't give away
8. writing the script IN JAPANESE for a video about... a certain group... that's totally not Big Bang o3o
9. writing individual fan mail... for each member of a group... that's totally not Big Bang xD
10. actually contemplating, for some insane reason, auditioning for YG Entertainment even though I'm completely caucasian and any chance of success would mean screwing with my college education and/or learning of Japanese in place of Korean
11. going to be making a new YT channel soon for humor type things
12. already made one video for said channel but it's a dub so it took two daysish, and I need to make like two more of the same kind in preparation
13. writing the script for a video introducing the new channel
14. and then I have to promote the new channel
15. learning a new dance that shall be revealed in due time

So yeah... I wasn't joking. 15 things, and I still have to film every single one of those videos. And yet tonight and the next two nights I'll be gone from 6 to 10 PM doing something I don't even enjoy. I do not have enough time for this.
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The Officially Homeless Fruit
04 May 2012 @ 07:15 pm
It just occurred to me while listening to the infinite awesome that is Big Bang (making an obvious side note here to point out the video I made for Daesung's birthday, ohoho) and procrastinating on studying for finals, that besides that last post I made about a week ago, I haven't posted on LJ for like the entire academic year. I guess this is what happens when you're not prepared for freshman life at college. So much stress and not enough free time...

So beyond my Japanese classes, which occur on a daily basis and have practically the same occurrence of quizzes and tests (I just had a speaking test the other day, whoo~), I've been rather busy with a gen-ed course that I'm sure all of you college-aged and up have taken, college writing. (This was the class that that last post was for, linking to our group blog.) I'll admit that initially when I heard that I wasn't exempt from the class, I was livid; writing was the only thing I was good at and proud of in high school. But not good enough? Ouch. Eventually though, I realized it was actually beneficial and my butt stopped hurting.

As for Sims things, I am scrambling desperately to finish this semester and not fail horribly at finals so any semblance of life is kind of nonexistent both here and on my Sims Tumblr. Once the summer finally rolls around I'm going to give a shot at starting up my YouTube channel again and try to breathe new life into it, but beyond that my plans are basically: catch up on all of TOP of Big Bang's cinematography (71: Into the Fire, I'm coming for you with like twenty boxes of tissues), watch several dramas I've been meaning to start (both Japanese and Korean... I just finished Greatest Love and oh my goodness Dok Go Jin), dance like a mad fool, and hopefully squeeze some Sims playing into there in my spare time.

Honestly, I'm really excited for this summer. I think it'll be... revitalizing? I'm not sure if that's the word I'm looking for. But I've felt so much more alive since I came to college. I just want to do everything. My latest dream is to work overseas for YG Entertainment fixing the grammar on the English version of their site. I'm not even joking. Seriously contemplating going through with emailing them about it too, except I can't find any way to contact them save for actually mailing them a letter. But honest to god, I'm sincerely wanting to email them about it as a business inquiry. I won't even make them pay me, haha. I'll just be that random college girl who willfully and without reward goes through the entire site and nitpicks at the English grammar.

Don't laugh at my dreams, it's entirely plausible... :c
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The Officially Homeless Fruit
Oh my god, you guys. I NEED to get back into the Sparks legacy.

I just read the next two updates that I wrote but never got the chance to post, and the things I've written... I'm reading them and nearly pissing myself laughing. I am like the stupidest legacy writer ever and I love it. xD

So that's an aspiration for this summer: play Sims and update my legacy! For real this time. No jokes. I've just got a couple final exams to go, then I'm moving back home and my free time is practically limitless~! 8D You know, until I start my job. But I believe the first day of work is the same as my birthday (awesome luck, eh?), so that gives me about two months to just chill.

I'm being forced to write an LJ post updating you guys on things soon for my college writing class (the prompt was flexible, I chose blog post), so I'll be elaborating a bit more on things then. In the meantime, sorry for abandoning you, LJ, I love you! Also happy late birthday lovelyxwow, I'm a bad friend and missed it. xD And happy early birthday to inkbottleblue! Hope you all had/will have lovely days!

And now I'm off to write a final paper. Blughhougndhn
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The Officially Homeless Fruit
09 February 2012 @ 02:22 pm
So, after coming to the conclusion that my laptop is trash after it broke the last straw and now refuses to charge, I'm looking for a new one. Preferably one good for Sims (and some on-the-side games, like L.A. Noire) and video editing (needs to handle rendering in 1080p on Sony Vegas Pro), because beyond the internet that's practically my entire life on my laptop. I have a Nvidia GeForce 310 right now, and it's not BAD, but I would appreciate something higher/better if I can get it. I've been looking at the Gateway NV55S05u (here) and the graphics sound great for a laptop around 600 bucks, but I'm worried about the overall performance.

Anybody got any suggestions for good, cheap laptops ($500-$600 would be nice, but I'm getting help paying for it so a little bit higher wouldn't hurt too much) with lots of processing power and a relatively nice graphics card?
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The Officially Homeless Fruit
07 February 2012 @ 11:07 pm

Since some people asked for him, I've uploaded Craig, the result of my Good Genes Challenge entry! Feel free to grab him here at sim_strangers. And now to update my entries with the link to him as well! :)
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The Officially Homeless Fruit
05 February 2012 @ 02:50 pm
Since I haven't been active on GoS for a while and wanted to get back into it, I thought I would give the most recent Good Genes Challenge a go for funzies. What resulted what pretty much the cutest sim I have ever unintentionally made, omigoodness. You can see my entry and others here on the official GoS thread. But I figured I would crosspost for those Sims players who are exclusively on LJ. :)

Lineage and extra pictures under the cut!Collapse )

Edit: You can now download Craig here at sim_strangers!

Also hooray for picking premades who all have the same hair and eye colour! Le derp. I may try the challenge again a bit later for some more variation. :D
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The Officially Homeless Fruit
21 January 2012 @ 07:17 pm
Today, while waiting for my five loads of laundry to be done (I am exercising my rights as a college student MOST efficiently), I caved and made a Simblr. Because hey, why not? I would have named it maggiestrange for simplicity's sake but my personal Tumblr already claims that title. Alas.

So, random pictures and things I find funny regarding the Sims 2 will go there. I'm not exactly artistic when it comes to photo taking since I aim to really play the game for everything it's worth, but maybe it's something worth taking a look at?

Either way, it's less spammy than uploading pictures all the damn time onto here (like I totally want to but refrain from doing) and I think it'll be a fun project. It's still under construction, though, so don't expect much yet! Especially because it won't be filled up anytime soon; I have to go take a shower and make some delectable truffles. Toodle-oo mothafuckas~